Waggers Get Your Zen on—DIY Health Exams Are Here!

Nix the tail-between-the-legs, slip-sliding, claws-on-stainless-steel, shaky-shiver vet clinic visits, if you can. School your human with this expert advice from veterinarian Dr. Cherice Roth from Ask.Vet on how to do a DIY pet exam. It can save your life.

Waggers get your zen on—this is important!

At minimum, it could save you vet clinic visits and catch problems early—if your human does it regularly, they can spot changes in your health and ask questions to make sure you keep on waggin’.

Dr. Roth tells how it is done on my buddy, Flea. Flea is fourteen in this video and goin’ strong!

My human Pat not only gives me in-home exams to keep track of my lumps and bumps, but she uses Ask.Vet, too. It’s a $99 annual membership that gives her unlimited texts with US licensed veterinarians, six phone calls, and an exclusive, private group to direct message with vets.

Saves Pat going online and asking Dr. Google. Often Dr. Google is way off—like when she mistakenly had me headin’ toward the rainbow bridge when cancer came up in the search. She cried all night long. At my last clinic visit, the vet did an exam and told her she could have iced it at home.

Instead of Google, Pat now texts VET to 67076 with dog questions—diet, behavior, physical stuff, whatever. Within a couple minutes she is texting back and forth with a vet directly about what is going on with me. Like the time I got hold of Pat’s burrito. Pat took one whiff of the fumes comin’ outta me and texted right away. After she filled in the details of my symptoms, she got some good advice on what to do. Turns out I didn’t have to go to the clinic that time. Ask.Vet tells her if I need to go. Easy, peasy, no needless tears, and saves her some dough.

In-home exams are worth it. Ask.Vet is worth it. Oh, and Dr. Roth? She’s rad.

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