Bowowowow—WOW—The Wily Wags Blog Launched!

Welcome to Wily Wags, the new blog featuring the scoopingist dog on dog health. I’m Wily and I’m a dog. I’m also the Dog Health & Wellness Guru and the Chief Bow-wower at Wily Wags.

I tackle serious dog health topics for serious dog owners, but I do it with a song in my heart. In these pages you get relatable, fun yarns—some straight-up shaggy dog stories—about me and my doggie dawg-gone friends. I hope you will find yourself cracking a smile or chuckling along the way to learning something.

I consult with US licensed veterinarians for blog articles but information on this site is not a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment for your pets.

Take a look around and make yourself comfortable and then follow my blog here and follow me out in the Dogosphere, too. (Twitter: @wilywags; Facebook: @wilywags; and Instagram: @wilywags) That way you will stay current with my dog health & wellness tips plus other fun tidbits to keep your four-legged BFF wagging!

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