3 Things to Do if your Dog Eats Pot…

Here is a simple rule, if you have a dog. Don’t leave your pot out. Ever. The effects on us waggers are much stronger than they are on you. According to a report by NPR cases of dogs eating pot have doubled over the last year and because the strains these days are much more potent than they used to be, the implications are much more severe than ever. Up to the rainbow bridge. Yes, that’s right. Dogs can die if they eat enough weed relative to their body weight.

Here’s the deal, humans can do some stupid things or sometimes maybe they are forgetful about where they laid down their pot.

You know how we respond?

“You are fabulous. I want to lick your face.”

We waggers love our humans because that is what we do, and our mission is to help you evolve. So if you are asking yourself, can my dog get stoned, the short answer is yes, but it is not good.

Symptoms indicating your dog ate the pot:

  • Agitation or alternatively extremely lethargy
  • Lack of balanced/coordination (This could be symptoms of other things like diabetes, as well.)
  • Incontinence
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Breathing problems
  • Seizures
  • What you probably won’t notice, but may be going on as well:
    • Low blood pressure
    • Heart arrhythmias

The doctors at Ask.Vet recommend pet owners do these things if their dogs get into the pot.

What to do if your dog ate the pot: 

  1. Call the Pet Poison Hotline. There is a $59 fee per incident and it includes follow up. You can also take your dog to an emergency clinic. The stronger strains of marijuana today, including medical marijuana, and edibles could amp the chance for serious complications and the size of your dog and the amount they ingest counts.
  2. Get your dog to a vet immediately. If your vet can’t take him right away, go to the emergency vet clinic. They can administer fluids and they have other techniques such as activated charcoal to lessen effects and can provide a sedative if necessary. Depending on how much your dog gulped down, they may need to make him puke it up.
  3. Don’t punish your dog. Punishment won’t do any good.

Here is the bottom line: dogs consuming pot is serious. Don’t risk it. If you smoke pot, lock it away, and if your dog accidentally eats your pot, get veterinary advice fast.

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